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Calorie counting means taking control of the energy you consume in food and burn in exercise, so that you can look and feel your personal best. The team at Calorie Counter UK aim to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, and will encourage you in looking and feeling great!

The first step: How many calories are you consuming in food?

You can’t beat a good Calorie Counter book for this information. Go buy one!

Here are our top two picks:

Collins Gem Calorie Counter

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Comprehensive yet handbag-friendly guide to the calories in foods including many UK brands, making it easy to compare. Although they’re having a laugh with that cover.

Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2018

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Not as easy to carry with you, but a solid reference that deserves a place in any serious dieter’s home.

Tip: Always make sure you get the latest edition, as many brands change their calorie counts over time. “Used” sales may therefore not be a bargain.