Advice on Losing Weight

It is a basic equation that the less we eat and the better we eat, the slimmer we will be. The important thing isn’t to be as thin as possible, we all need to be a healthy weight, and learn to love our own bodies.

Firstly, set yourself a realistic target. Aim to lose around 1-2 lb per week with a combination of diet and exercise, this way the weight will stay off permanently. At Calorie Counter we encourage you to adapt to a way of eating which is healthy and enjoyable, not unrealistic. This way you can relax and allow yourself treat when you feel like it. See this as a change of lifestyle which you can keep up, rather than a punishing diet.
Once you have your goal, go to the supermarket and stock up on fruit, vegetables, lean meat, whole foods (like brown bread, rice, pasta and beans). Stick to a low fat, high fibre diet. Make sure your meals are made up of fresh, grilled, poached and stir-fried foods. Look at the fat and calorie contents on packaged food and avoid those with high values. We all know the foods that are bad for us, pizza, burgers, sausages, chips, so be sensible and have these in moderation. Stay off crisps, chocolate, cakes and biscuits while you are dieting, allowing yourself the odd treat to minimise the chances of a binge! Snack on dried fruit, veggies and drink lots of water or diet soft drinks.

  • Eat regular meals- at least three per day. This will prevent you from becoming too hungry and over eating later, don’t snack between meals.
  • Make sure your diet is made up mainly from fruit, vegetables and fibre rich foods like bread and pasta. These are filling, low in fat and good for you!
  • Use low fat substitutes for dairy products wherever possible, for example, skimmed milk, low fat cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt.scales2
  • Get used to taking your tea and coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar.
  • Do not be fooled by low fat biscuits and cakes, or you might eat the whole packet! Instead, allow yourself to a small portion of the full fat version, and savour it!
  • Don’t eat large, heavy meals last thing at night or your body won’t have chance to burn off those calories.
  • Make sure you have a healthy breakfast to kick start your metabolism.
  • Avoid frying food, instead use the grill which lets fat drip off the food.
  • Soak excess fat from food before serving on absorbent kitchen paper.
  • Replace desserts with fruit to satisfy the craving for something sweet.
  • Drink plenty of water and low calorie drinks to help you feel full.
  • Make yourself more active, climb stairs and walk all short journeys.
  • Do an exercise class or take up a sport, not only does this burn up calories but you’ll feel better and look more toned.
  • Choose the lower fat options when in restaurants, avoid fried foods and rich sauces.
  • Avoid using butter on bread, potatoes etc. If you must, use a small amount of margarine.
  • Don’t drink sugary drinks and beware of the hidden calories in alcohol.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, aim to lose weight slowly and it will stay off for good.
  • Allow yourself treats occasionally or you may end up bingeing.
  • Try and adopt a healthy attitude to food for life, rather than constantly being on a diet, that way you’ll be able to achieve and keep the figure you want.

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